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NEW BETA Invites Sent




New invitations to The Elder Scrolls Online beta have been sent.

Make sure to check your email; we’ve sent a new round of invitations to the ESO beta. We’re excited to bring more fresh faces into the test and can’t wait to read your feedback.

The ESO beta continues to grow, and for those of you still waiting for an invite, we appreciate your enthusiasm. More and more testers are coming in, and we’ll keep sending new invites as the test goes on.


That’s right folks, new invitations have been sent out. Make sure to check your spam or junk folders, some invitations might quite possibly be redirected to those folders as well. Assuming that what Paul Sage has said in the past is true, the great majority of BETA events will be held over the weekends. So if you realize you did just receive a BETA invite don’t panic, it’s quite possible that your access won’t be available immediately.

  • You know, talking about BETA, when do you think TESO Open BETA will begin? Please share your thoughts and opinions with our community.

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