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Estimated Size of Tamriel

Map of Tamriel
Map of Tamriel

There’s no doubt that TESO is going to be big and brilliant. Just how big are we talking about though? ZeniMax Online has already stated that they have ambitious designs for the size and scope of TESO, although they aren’t giving an exact answer. They were asked directly in their first fan Q&A session, but played it off. Is this because the world is still developing and they couldn’t give a clear answer, or because they just don’t want to reveal it to us right now?

Considering they even answered the question at all, I’m assuming they honestly don’t have a clear idea on the size of the final world yet – or at least not a good enough idea to give a somewhat specific answer. So how big is Tamriel going to be? We can try to take an educated guess.

In real-world measurements, Morrowind was about 10 square miles and Oblivion was about 16 square miles according to the developers. Skyrim has a few fan measurements which fall anywhere from 5 to 16 square miles. Based on past games, I’d go with the 16-mile mark. Azeroth (from World of Warcraft) is estimated to be between 60 and 80 square miles depending on how you measure it. I’m not bringing Everquest and other MMOs that have a massive game world into the comparison just to keep everything fair.

Shown above is a map of Tamriel.

So what does all that tell us? Well it’s pretty subjective, but I would say that means TESO is going to be around 13-15 square miles, at least at launch. Being such an interactive environment, I don’t think this is a bad thing either. People don’t usually join MMOs for a single player experience, but with TESO it sounds like that is what they could very well choose to pursue. Tamriel is such an intricate environment compared to most other MMOs. Needless to say it is far from having simply some random enemy encounters and item finds.

With all that, I can’t see ZeniMax Online expanding Tamriel to 16+ miles at launch, although that’s partly because I’m not sure what to expect from their Megaserver. It is new technology being used on a very detailed and expansive game, which worries me. It doesn’t seem like TESO is going to be filled with filler space just for the illusion of grandeur. I fully expect most if not all of Tamriel to be a thriving part of the world. We’ll just have to see how the tech plays out when TESO is released.

The size of Tamriel is going to be plenty big at launch, and is only going to grow with every expansion that comes out. ZeniMax Online’s Megaserver makes me a bit nervous, but I’m also just as excited to see how it all unfolds!

What are your opinions on Tamriel’s size? Is it going to be small/big enough? Let us know in the comments!


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