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TESO Future Content?


Let’s put the Elder Scrolls that’s currently in development on hold for a bit, and look into the future. It’s a little early to be speculating about expansions and patched content, but they are just as much a part of the franchise as any other aspect. So what does ZeniMax Online plan to do for expansions? It’s anyone’s guess, but it has to expand upon one of these – story, landscape, quests, or the catch all, miscellaneous (new mounts, items, inventory, etc.).

In ZeniMax Online’s first official Q&A session (FOUND HERE), they have said that they “have plans to expand and open up more regions of Tamriel in the future.” That’s a very broad term, “in the future.” It could mean that they plan to further flesh out Tamriel in development, or it could be a hint towards an expansion pack. Even if it wasn’t a hint, I can’t see ZeniMax Online not wanting to expand the world at some point or another.

Now if they add on new story content or quests – which is almost assured, this being both an MMO and an Elder Scrolls game – it is probably going to be adding to Tamriel, but not in the same way a world expansion would. For quest expansions, usually the only new things the players get are terrain and items directly related to that quest. For world expansions, it is the exact opposite – areas are unlocked or revealed, and quests are then put in the flesh the world out, which is a completely different kind of experience.

Lastly are the miscellaneous expansions, which are my personal favorite. I played the mother loving socks off of two other ZeniMax Online titles, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. They released some quest expansions, which were fun, but the real prize for me was the new weapons and armor that came with them. I loved collecting them, selling them, and showing them off; and the Fallout series is single player. When there are other people around to gloat with, it just amplifies the fun.

Now usually that stuff comes within other expansions, or is just integrated little by little as the game grows. After the Hearthfire DLC (which let’s you buy land and build your own house) was released for Skyrim, I’m not so sure they won’t have entire downloads or packs just for some new little quirk. Usually with an MMORPG they have content unveiled in upcoming patches; but the speculation on this topic is incredibly limited since we DO NOT have confirmation on TESO’s business model.

Unlike the single player Elder Scrolls games where you “buy” DLC, Zenimax Online will most likely be providing new game content with the traditional test, patch, and play model we’ve seen in other MMORPGs. However, this is not “officially” known…

ZeniMax Online has plenty to work with. Between their massive map of Tamriel that has just as many unpopulated sections as populated ones, and Elder Scrolls lore, there should be no shortage of stuff for the fans post-launch.  Not to mention any new, off the wall content that they think up. With this being such a rich franchise, and with ZeniMax Online Studios having (from what I’ve seen so far) such an engrossed staff, I’d be surprised if they didn’t bring something exciting to the table.

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