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Ep 4: The Controversy


What is the controversy? Zenimax Online Studios has re-affirmed that “currently” players will be LOCKED into their faction’s territories/zones up to Cyrodiil. Tom and Tim respond to the “official” TESO tweet that sparked the division in its community. Numerous polls have been made to boycott the statement below, but is there any solution that can compromise this game mechanic between the developers and players? The two hosts share their opinions and try to understand the reasoning behind ZO’s choice for proceeding with this limitation.

@TESO Currently, the plan is to keep players within their home faction’s areas to encourage alliance identity and camaraderie.

Following that discussion the two hosts talk about player guilds and their perks/bonuses in RvR & PvE. Then the show concludes with talking the most recent facts on the “Emperor” mechanics and “how to” become the Emperor of Cyrodiil. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Keep in mind all listeners who give a 5-star written reviews on iTunes get a shout-off for being awesome on the following episode!

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[box] What’s your opinion players being locked into their faction’s territories? Does this mitigate open-world PvP? Does this force players to make Alts. to explore other content? Tell us your opinion.[/box]

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