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Ep 3: Coincidence?


Episode 3 of Your Elder Scrolls Online Podcast is HERE! Check out ‘Troll Scroll Ep 3: Coincidence?” Tom and Tim talk about some very interesting findings from the staff at TamrielFoundry.com! Is “The Elder Scrolls: Online” going to have a subscription-based business model? A job listing from Zenimax Online may or may not be hinting at this. Along with this discussion, Tom and Tim continues their discussion on NPC Guilds in TESO, the absence of player housing, crafting skills, and the boys conclude the show with listeners mail-time questions!

[box type="warning"] Just a heads up, Tom was incorrect when he said the description on the job listings page was “omitted”, specifically the statement hinting at a subscription-based model. Troll Scroll will break it down in more depth in a future editorial.[/box]

The PvP/PvE combining gear sets source can be referenced here.

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